yunity – Multisaving and sharing platform

[ Deutsche Version ]

After the success of foodsharing in the German speaking areas, we would like to take the opportunity to use all our gathered know-how and experiences into creating an ad-free open source platform at no charge with other engaged people, which facilitates saving and sharing worldwide. This uncommercial social media platform will be called yunity and will empower people all around the world to use less resources in the future and to apply the existing goods in a more intelligent and collective way:


A society based on cooperation, trust and self-determination which allows people to live to their full potential and to preserve ecosystems for all living beings.


We encourage relationships where people can share unconditionally their time, skills and resources. Through these connections and communities we prevent waste and raise awareness for a sustainable way of living.

I have been dreaming of such a tool of change for years, and thanks to 30 motivated people, who cooperated for 3 and a half weeks during the WuppDays, thisBildschirmfoto 2015-11-20 um 04.34.40dream will become reality, just as they say: “If one person dreams alone, it is just a dream. If many people dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality.

Dedicated people on the Wuppdays built the basis for this wide community platform and got the ball rolling. You can find out more about the WuppDays in this 3 minute video. We are still looking for competent developers, programmers, designers, translators and others, who want to play a part in the project. Find out more about yunity and our team in our blog, here you can also find information about areas where we still need support. We invite you to join us for this project and are happy if you can help us to bring this closer to other interested people!

With yunity we want to give people the chance to live more free and more independent of money by using existing resources and showing how to implement this into everyday life. We would like to continue endowing courage, so that people believe in their dreams and can liberate their minds from monetary bonds. We want to encourage people to make the impossible possible, and to give wings to a culture of sharing and unconditional cooperation through responsible giving and taking without any expectations.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Love yours Raphael